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Quinta Scott

Fine Art Photographs

Desert Fix
Chinese Wall-Absoroka Range
Holy City-Absoroka Range
Headwaters-Missouri River

Great Salt Lake


My husband coined the family term, "desert fix," while we traveled through Arizona and New Mexico.

The Absoroka Range, a sub-range of the Rockies, stretches across the Montana-Wyoming border between Yellowstone in Wyoming and Paradise Valley in Montana. Half-way between Cody and Yellowstone, an intrusive dike of very hard rock forms the Chinese Wall. The wall formed as the not-so-hard rocks that surrounded it eroded.

Hoodoos. Great word. The Holy City, a collection of hoodoos, caps a ridge of the Absoroka Range. Hoodoos, formed from the erosion of conglomerate rock, a collection of hard rock and soft rock that has eroded to create the Holy City. The North Fork of the Shoshone River weaves back and forth across the highway between Cody and Yellowstone.

The Madison and Jefferson Rivers unite to form the Missouri River. Just to the south of that confluence, the infant Missouri reflects a small mountain.

The City of Salt Lake pumped water out of the lake to prevent flooding. Parts of the lake evaporated, creating a vast salt desert, candy for kids wanting to play on it.