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Corporate Collections

Quinta Scott lives in the Midwest. She has gained a national reputation for delving deeply into her subject matter and revealing it with startling images. One critic noted that her photographs say, "Quinta Scott was here."

She has received two fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts, one for
the Route 66 project and the other for a study of 19c Mills and Churches in the Midwest.

St. Louis Art Museum
Mulvane Art Museum, Topeka, Kansas
Missouri History Museum
University of Missouri, St. Louis
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis
U.S. Bank (Mercantile Bank)
United Missouri Bank
Twentieth Century Fund
Wells Fargo, St. Louis (A.G. Edwards)
Mallinckrodt Speciality Chemicals
Mallinckrodt Group
Novus International
The Upjohn Company
BJC Health Systems

SBC, San Francisco



Emerson Electric Co.

Peabody Holding Co.

Peat, Marwick, Mitchell

Ernst and Young

Lennox Hotel

Weston Hotel, St. Louis

Forsyth Group

Midcon Corporation

Jack Heitman, Engineers, St. Louis

Shonnenschein, Nath, and Rosenthal, Attorneys, Kansas City

Hale and Dorr, Attorneys, Boston

Fenway Ventures, Boston

Private Collections