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Quinta Scott

Fine Art Photographs

Caney Mountain Balds
Long Bald
Long Bald Glade
Preston Ridge Breccia
High Rock Bald


Go to the Caney Mountain Conservation Area in the southwestern Missouri Ozarks, where you will find a series of balds.

Long Bald, Lander's Bald, High Rock Mountain, Big Acorn Knob, Long Mountain, Morrison Knobs, Stony Knob, Little Stony Knob, Caney Mountain: These and six others are the Gainesville Monadnocks, isolated rock cones capped by breccia.

Drive the gravel roads that lace between the balds, offering close-up and long views. Deep in the northern reaches of the refuge, you will have to climb on a picnic table to see all of Long Bald, way in the distance and above the vegetation the foreground. Find Long Bold Glade in the foreground.

Turn a corner and you will find a close-up of Long Bald and a grassy glade, where short, post oaks and Missouri coneflower take root in the rocky substrate.

Turn another corner, drive up a really steep hill, to Preston Ridge. Stop, pull on the emergency brake, and have a good look at breccia, dissolved Mississippian rock, filled with chert, and cemented together with silica. That's Long Bald in the distance.

Slowly descend Preston Ridge, stop, climb on another picnic table, far in the distance you will find High Rock Mountain. Way in the foreground, an oak forest opens onto Deer Lick Point Glade.