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Order Information

"Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful photos and the excellent service."--Ken Martin, Odessa Texas

Order: or


List the subject heading (North Prairie, etc.) and the name of the print (June 23, etc.) in your email.

I will send you an email requesting payment through Paypal.

Expect delivery in about a week.

Email me for prints a larger sizes.

Print information for 8 x 10 prints only:

Fuji Crystal Archival Print


Archival Giclee Print


North Prairie Prints

8 x 10-$150

When your order, give me the page on which you find the image you want and its title.

Payment is made through Paypal. 


Print Quality

Professional Digital Prints aremade from scanned 4 x 5 or 2 1/4 x 2 1/4 color or are digital images and printed on Fuji Crystal Archive Paper.

Level Two Color Prints are Giclees made from scanned 4 x 5 or 2 1/4 x 2 1/4 color negatives and printed on Fine Art Rag Paper. These prints come signed on the back.

Level Two Black and White Prints are hand-printed on Fiber-Based Silver Paper and processed archivally. These prints come signed on the back.

North Prairie images can be ordered individually as well as in pairs.

Plus shipping and handling