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North Prairie

8 x 10 print--$100


"Scott's images are studies in color and light, as illustrated by her "North Prairie," shots of a shed in a wheat/soybean field. In one, the shed is red in a light green field. In another, the shed is black in a field of light and dark green. In a third the shed is a textured red in a green field and in the fourth, the shed is burnished in a gree field. In all four, the shed is a symbol for stability, a calm in life's storm." --Florence Schetzel, Poughkeepsie Journal

"Quinta Scott works in a series studying light and color, necessarily limited by the medium of photography to specific time and place. In her "North Prairie" project, she takes a cue from Monet's haystacks and depicts a barn in a wheat field from sowing to harvest at different times of day. Her barn reads as the primary-school house shape, paper like, a stage set.

"These are striking photographs, each with the same paper-flat barn, framed by the same amount of field, hung 20 in a row. Because the variables are so limited, the difference in light and shade and the stages of growing in the wheat are thrown into emphatic contrast."--Carol Ferring Shepley, St. Louis Post-Dispatch

North Prairie is a study in light and color. It follows a wheat crop from sprout to harvest. Each pair of images were made within five minutes of the one another on opposite sides of the red shed.

April 8



April 30



May 11



June 19



June 23


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